SM1250 Double Twist Stranding Machine
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Name:SM1250 Double Twist Stranding Machine
Usage:used to twisting aluminum and copper round compress conductor.
Advantage:Output vale more than “tube-type wire-twisting machine”4.5 times
Section of strand-twisting:50mm2
Section of compaction Aluminum:70mm2
Section of compaction Copper:50mm2
Brand Name:BORUI
Max. linear speed:280m/min

Product Description

SM1250 Double Twist Stranding Machine 

1 Double Twist Buncher 

2 for stranding of rigid copper,aluminum, aluminum and alloy and flexible copper from buncher or multiwire

Main Capability Characteristic

1. Structure of machine:hanging-framecradlestyle, machine and housing are designed separately, take up by motor.

2. Pitch adjustment: mechanical gear electric

3. Operation interface:HIM

4. Main components brand:  Siemens, Schneider, NSK.

5. Bow material: Carbon fibers

Load & removing of reel: By hoisting motor, and rotating tray.



Inlet Alu wire Dia


Inlet Cooper wire Dia.


Inlet PVC insulation cable Dia.


Inlet Rubber insulation cable Dia.


Finished Alu conductor Dia. range


Finished Cooper conductor Dia. range


Finished PVC insulation cable Dia. range


Finished Rubber insulation cable Dia. range


Max production speed

1200 twists

Transverse range

Outer control, 
inner electrical 
adjustment on line

Pitch adjustment

Electronic adjustment

Bobbin loading /unloading

Lift by electro-hydraulic

Motor power

Main motor: 45kW  

Capstan motor: 30kw

Take up motor: 5KW  
Fan motor: 2*0.075KW

Take up bobbin size



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