STD500 Double Twist Bunching Machine
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Name:STD500 Double Twist Bunching Machine
Usage:used for bare copper, alu wire twister
Single Wire Diameter:φ0.10~ φ0.45mm
Stranding Section Area:0.035~2.0mm2
Brand Name:BORUI

Product Description

STD500 Double Twist Bunching Machine

Merits: With high rotation speed, the main shaft counts the meters, the same machine twist the same types of line, the tolerance is only 0.001%, with constant tension from empty bobbin to full bobbin, with superior quality for twist wire, The machine is driven by synchronization strap. Only need to change capstan wheel to change the pitch. Easy to operate.

Model:                         STD500

Max Rotaing Speed(rpm): 3000rpm

Wire Diameter (mm):         φ0.08~0.45

Twisting section(mm2): 0.035~2.0

Twisting interval (mm):      40setion 6.3~50.4

Direction of twist:       Right or left

Reel O.D (mm):          φ500

Reel Top (mm):                To be designed according to user's requirement

Smooth Rod Rewinder (mm):φ20

Main Shaft Center(mm):   750

Main Shaft Lubrication: To be lubricated with diluted oil, natural circulated cooling


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