Automatic coiling machine
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Name:Automatic coiling machine
Usage:suitable scope suitable 0.5-6mm2 electric wire or smal truncation cable becomes the circle grips
Brand Name:BORUI

Product Description

Automatic coiling machine

adaption on 0.5-6 mm two electric wire and smail sectional cable become the circle and hit pitchine, this production is high in efficiency, arrange line auality is in the advanced level of the domestic and international like product.

 specifications of high speed automatic rolling machine:

pay-off way: own pay-off line

 pay-off line disc dimension: ≤ Φ 630mm

arrange line: automatic arrange

motor power: 3HP(2.2KW)

main machine rotation speed: 800rpm/min

 line grips inside diameter Φ 120mm

line grips outer diameter :≤ Φ 310mm

 line grips high: 30-100mm

line grips trough quantity :3 trough

each class output: 700grps(8hours)


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