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Name:Date Cable Production Line
Usage:used for product CAT5、CAT5E、CAT6、CAT6E、CAT7 date cable. from extrusion , twisting, cabling to sheathing and packing
Brand Name:BORUI

Product Description

Date Lan Cable Production Line

Most popular network wire is CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6E and CAT7. we had developed the complete communication cable & date cable equipments. we can make according per customer's requirement from core wire to the final cable.

First Step: Core Wire Extrusion

50+35mm Extrusion line apply to CAT5 CAT5E CAT6 core wire producting

Second Step: Core wire pair twisting

A: 500 pair twisting machine + double initiative pay off 

   Application: Apply for CAT5 CAT5E core wire pair twist


B: 500 Twisting machine+ double bobbin back twist machine

   Application: Apply for CAT5 CAT6 CAT7 core wire back twist & pair twist

Third Step: Core wire stranding machine

630-1250mm single stranding machine

 Application: used for CAT5 CAT6 CAT7 date cable, HDMI, control cable, can tape synchronously

Fourth Step: Sheath production line

In order to minimize the physical change of the finished cable, normally adopt 70-90mm sheath production. we can use two sets initiative wire pay-off stand to co-work with wire pay-off storing stand order to achive machine non-stop for take up bobbin exchange. normally use computer-controued inkjet machine for NO.printing.

Fifth Step:Coiling Packing

Network cable colling length normally is 1000 feet (305M), currently mainly use box no twist free wire pay-off. coilling into specifical "8" shape. this coiler machine can linked with extrusion line.  




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