22DT Fine Wire Drawing Machine & Annealing
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Name:22DT Fine Wire Drawing Machine & Annealing
Usage:copper wire drawing
inlet wire size:0.6-1.2mm
output size:0.10-0.32mm
Brand Name:BORUI

Product Description

22DT Fine Wire Drawing Machine & Annealing


1.Dual-motor mode, dual-frequency, small slip, wire good appearance, high quality. 

2. Adopt co-current annealing, the elongation ratio is stable, the wire rod is artistic. 

3. Curl tension automatic revision electric controlled system. 

4.Easy maintenance, simple operation, low noise, energy-saving, high efficiency.

Machine model


Machine type

4 capstans square type

Control system
Motor control

traditional along type
Dual inverter control

Inlet diameter(mm) 
Outlet diameter(mm) 
Drawing line speed
Drawing dies No./Max 
Fix speed capstan slip ratio
Slip ratio of m/c

0.6-1.2 mm
0.10-0.32 mm
2000 m/min

Spool bobbin size (mm)
Traversing unit

wedded by steel plate
ceramic plasma capstan
300mm can be designed by customer
110W synchronize motor type

Main motor 
Spooler motor 
Annealing voltage
Annealing current
Steam generator power

11 kW
4 kW
DC 55 V
DC 250 A
6 kW

Transmission type
Revise system 
Detecting device
Lubrication system

Flat belt
PID synchronous spooler
weight balance by swing arm
spray type

Subsequent equipments(Optional)

Drawing machine lubricant filter and cooling system
Cooling system for annealing machine
Dual bobbin auto-spooler 


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